Anonymous asked:

Do you know where I can download or buy the tokyo ghoul novels?

eyepatch-centipede answered:

Just making use of this ask to make a TG novel masterpost for reference.

You can buy the first volume (Hibi) here, and the second book (Kuhaku) here.

The full scans of Hibi can be downloaded here.

Other raws:

  • Illustrations from the 1st and 2nd novels (Hibi and Kuhaku) from batoto
  • Novel illustrations from the “3rd novel [昔日] (Sekijitsu, I think)" from baidu (I think the thread opener got it wrong because those look like illustrations from the 2nd novel instead)
  • 2nd story [孤読] Kodoku from Sekijitsu from baidu
  • 3rd story [惹者] (idk how to romanize this gomen) from Sekijitsu from baidu
  • 4th story [徒口] Mudaguchi from Sekijitsu from baidu


  • 2nd story [孤読] Kodoku from Sekijitsu at TG wikia (courtesy of Old McDonald) -> it’s the one where Kaneki’s aunt throws away his books
  • 3rd story from Hibi (courtesy of saezutte): 1 2 3 4/5
  • For Chinese readers, you can read Hibi [日々] here and Kuhaku [空白] here, (You’ll need a baidu account to read past page 1 on baidu threads.)

yuuchanneru might take up the TG light novels as a translation project, but that’s not confirmed yet.